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they had mornings on brook dale avenue and an 18-year-old was also shot on 20th and east oakland. >> it's very heartbreaking, i wish there were none. >> police say they do not have a motive and domestic violence was suspected on saturday. it was seen on 15 homicide and that's more than last year when there were more than ten homicides. the all-time high was in 1982
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when there were 18 deaths. he is now behind bars when he was doing some black friday shopping and officers saw jacob on thanksgiving night. half row is accused of killing him back on 1926 and he was also wounded in the shooting. he gets back to work with lawmakers when he was determined sending him off the physical cliff. he now has 75 days on deficit reduction and if they don't they have spending cuts that will go into effect january 1st. both parties are ready to compromise. >> the bottom line is we have to get ready as much as possibpresident in the second term -- >> a key sticking point is what to do about taxes and now they
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want to raise taxes on the wealthy while republicans done while capping certain reductions. police officers can start applying and at 8:00 a.m. they will begin accepting applications for entry level officers. they must be at least 20 years old and have a valid california driver's license or equivalent. the application will start december 7th and starting salary is 88,000 dollars a year. in the city of antioch, we offer a new incentive to apply to its police force and they are set to apply tomorrow to change the formula for transfers for existing officers. he had a pension of 3% of last year's salary times the number of years they worked for the
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department. he has 14 vacant positions. and car buffs are hitting show rooms next year. they are in san francisco showcasing 39 auto makers and it is the 55th year event and they can test drive some of the newest models. the show opens until 8:00 and tickets are $9. >> 4:45, just the fog out there is really dense out there and it is really bad. >> hey, tara. across the bridge, there is a really good chance you will run into some fog. and we are all under heavy fog advisory. and in the pittsburgh area, you can see those headlights those have it westbound towards concord no delays. and you can see what we are talking about here, just how
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heavy, heavy this is. give yourself some extra time this evening. go under if you can. up next you can see traffic is slowing in both directions. 4:46 let's head over to steve. dense fog advisory takes us until 9:00 and there are spots where it is clear and all of a sudden you will hit that wall of fog but it is about anywhere. it looks like it is increasing, no clouds yet and we are waiting for that system to come in. 30s , 40s and also 50s on the temperatures. i think it will hold things in check. most of tomorrow will have increasing clouds and out there they are setting the table for what looks to be a very big pattern and very hazy skies, once the fog burns out, for some it may take awhile. for some there are some towards
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the north bay and we will fine tune it with just a heads-up. hazy skies, temperatures if you are stuck, if you can break through it you don't have it at all. today and tomorrow it will be fog and increasing clouds tuesday and it looks like the morning rain and wind and a very wet pattern is setting under which is almost impossible and it looks very wet as we go to the weekend. in egypt protesters are squaring up after they gave them total power over the country. mohamed morsi made the controversial decision and today he plans on meeting with the judicial council. supporters of mohamed morsi are planning big protests tomorrow. the cause of friday's big gas-x motion was human error.
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-- gas explosion was human error. he was looking for a leak and the explosion was then ignited by a spark. the employee followed sidewalk markings which followed gas markings that were wrong. >> it appears to be an appropriate distance from where old markings were on the sidewalk indicating the gas line from when the main went into the building, however markings were incorrect. >> 21 people were incorrect. now the state department of public utilities discovered that. a many emountain man, richard johnson locked himself inside an apartment after he hit his girlfriend. police say johnson remained hold up with a shotgun for seven hours before he finally surrendered. bryan stow beating case
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involves a san francisco hospital and more than $1 million and that story is coming up 5:07. >> jim harbaugh will not say when he has replaced alex smith. he has another win over new orleans yesterday. he threw for 231 yards scored a rushing touchdown and threw a touchdown pass. they shackled drew brees five times and returned two interceptions for touchdowns. now the raiders lost their 4th straight game 34-10 and the game included a 4th quarter with a defensive tackle. he hit the quarterback after the whistle blew, all three players were ejected. the team opener will go on sale and they will host the
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seattle mariners. you can start buying tickets to that game or over the phone and the rest of the tickets will go on sale in january. i saw them go to the playoffs for the first time in six years. and some prices are going up this holiday season and how much will it cost you in that classic christmas style. controversial documents that played a role in the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
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. >> welcome back to the khou channel 11 ktvu morning news. confetti is a traditional part of the parade but a college student attended the parade with some friends and noticed some of the confetti contained confidential information. >> we found incident reports from police and license plates numbers... >> detectives had social security numbers and other sensitive information. it is investigating how the
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shredded documents and macy's only uses multi- colored paper, not shredded paper. it will cost you more than $107,000 last year, up for 6% last year. the price for french hens, pipers are piping, drummers drumming, the price of pair trees is also up and the cost with tartuffes and lords are leaping held steady. let's check back in with tara on traffic, it's going to be a crazy commute with the fog. >> it is, we have some heavy fog advisories for most of your area bay bridges, the golden
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gate venetia bridge and here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is definitely rough out there so give yourself some extra time out there and slow down. this is the worst i have ever seen it, you can barely make out anything except forehead lights -- for headlights. finally no fog here, your commute is looking good in all directions. 4:54 let's check in with steve. yesterday, some areas in santa clara never climbed above 20 degrees but there was an advisory until 9:00 and it was thick, thick, thick out there. be careful, some areas are so foggy you can barely get acrossed the street. there are some areas of fog and we are gearing up for what looks to be a thick pattern. nothing yet in the way of increasing clouds and 40s and
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50s on the lows. some are cold and some are not so bad. 37 degrees and 52 and the city is in oakland. the city will start to work towards us and we will have to teal with that fog first and for -- deal with that fog first and foremost. the angle of the sun is getting short and it is tough to burn off that fog and by wednesday it looks like a series of systems are and coming in but i should not say good but there will be impressive totals for the north bay. there is a broad brush on the temperatures and if you can't get through, yesterday was only 59. only better today coast bay and inland. there will be more fog on tuesday morning, rain wednesday morning and then again, it looks like rain will take us off and on into the weekend. >> and a san mateo man is hype bars -- behind bars after a
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deadly crash. he lost control of his car as he quickly drove out of a car on delaware street. he hit a garbage can hitting a man who later died at the hospital. they were able to get a partial license plate number and lopez had a five-year-old child in his car at the time of the crash. they are looking for a man who was swept into the ocean. it happened saturday afternoon. the boy and his parents went into the water to try and save their dog. both drowned and they called off the search for the boy yesterday but the dog survived. coming up next, it is bringing back memories of an old hitch connect memory. the response from one bay area movie involving birds. >> also, you should be especially careful, we have
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been talking about it all morning, dangerous driving conditions and we will continue our team coverage, stay with us.
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. we are waking up to a

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